Customer ​Testimonials

  • When we had to get my mother's house on the market with a very aggressive schedule, I had contacted 3 local stagers, all of whom were not able to help me except for Maggie, who went out of her way to fit in a consultation the day after I called her. She had the weekend to design and purchase everything for a 7000 sq ft house. Two days later, she finished!. I have to say that she performed a MIRACLE, working with what was already there, moving things that I never would have imagined would go together and adding pieces and accessories. She has the talent and ability to put it all together - a very complex job - making a home feel like a home so that a prospective buyer can envision himself/herself as the new homeowner. She is an extremely hard worker, is very pleasant to work with and a dedicated professional in all respects. I would highly recommend her.  - Grace Galler

  • I was very impressed with Maggie's talent as a designer.  Our house looked amazing after she was done with her work.  Thanks to her staging, our house received preemptive offers almost every day and got over a hundred visits, not including the open house.  When I asked the buyer what she liked about the house, she said furniture and decor are what caught her eye.  Maggie took care of every small and didn't stop until everything was perfect.  She also gave us design and renos ideas for every room, including walls, lighting, flooring etc.  We would definitely use Maggie's services again when selling our house, and highly recommend others to do so.     - Francis Joncas


  • Maggie transformed our boring, uninspired space into a charming, elegant, beautiful, colorful, joyful space. She did things we never thought of and we can't stop smiling with the end result. Maggie has impeccable taste. She knows what she is doing. Trust her and if she recommends something, follow her instructions! She is a very clear, patient, helpful, accessible and knowledgeable communicator. Thank you for all of your hard work and excellent insights Maggie! I can't wait to show our space to others! - Mary Miller

  • Thank you Maggie!  For the wonderful job you did with our house, you had so many great ideas. You were professional and so helpful along the way. I would definitely recommend Maggie for any project whether big or small, she's a hard worker, honest and reliable. She made our home beautiful and we sold it fast.   - Daniel Perrina     

  • The profile speaks for what Superior Staging & Design company can do. One can trust with confidence for this team's quality, commitment. sincerity & customer friendly relationship. Maggie Chen is skilled and experienced in transforming the living space that can create a lasting impression. I am one of the satisfied customers and would recommend their team.     - Ganesh Ramani

  • Maggie makes magic! She turned a boring, ordinary house into a modern, warm house full of charms, with minimum cost. She works hard, gives wonderful professional advice. She is an interior designer, a stage artist. But for me, she is a Magician!     -  Rosa Chau

  • Maggie is a high standard home staging specialist. With her fine details on home decoration and keen insight into the buyers' perception, Maggie produces an excellent result on home staging. Her work significantly improved the market price of my house and the house was sold in just 5 days with the price considerably over the asking price. I'm confident that Maggie with her deep passion in perfection will make your home a star on the market.    - Jeff Zhou

  • "Maggie did an amazing job at our house. This was our first time using a staging company. Maggie explained every aspect in detail of what was going to be needed and done to us. She pays a great to the little detail and takes pride in what was accomplished. It was a big project and the results were amazing. Sold in just 3 days!"     - Shareen Shaheri

  • Maggie was fantastic! The moment she gave advice and ideas of what needed to be done to meeting deadlines for completion. Choosing everything and putting things together really brought the place to life. I couldn't ask for anything more! Professional and definitely recommended. Thank you once again.    - Steven Lavoie

  • "Maggie did a great staging on my condo, #1912, 66 forest manor road. The staging was stunning, Maggie put lots of details on the decoration, it actually gives people the feeling of modern and warm as well. When we put the unit on market, there was another unit on the market also did the staging. But we sold ours within a week and was sold at an unexpected price. I think Maggie and her team own most credits of it."     -Tammy Pan